Fire safety statements

A fire safety statement is a document issued by or on behalf of the owner(s) of an existing building.

The statement confirms that an accredited practitioner (fire safety) has assessed, inspected and verified the performance of each fire safety measure that applies to the building.

Accredited practitioners (fire safety)

An accredited practitioner (fire safety) is a person that undertakes certain specialist fire safety assessment functions required by the Regulation.

Accredited practitioners (fire safety) were previously known as (and do the same work as) competent fire safety practitioners.

The Department of Customer Service has a co-regulatory framework to recognize industry accreditation schemes for accredited practitioners (fire safety). The Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) accreditation scheme was approved by the Government in July 2020 and is the first industry accreditation scheme to receive approval.

Only practitioners accredited by the FPAA can perform the functions of an accredited practitioner (fire safety) where that function is covered by the FPAA scheme. The plans and specifications for specific fire safety systems can also be endorsed by certain registered certifiers.

For some fire safety functions, there are currently no practitioners accredited by the FPAA. For these functions a building owner or building certifier will be required to determine that a person is an accredited practitioner (fire safety). This is much like the role undertaken by building owners and building certifiers previously.

1 Fire Services have FPAA accredited practitioners able to inspect and test the following Fire Safety Measures, and where systems are found compliant can sign and submit your Annual Fire Safety Statements

  • Access panels, doors and hoppers to fire-resisting shafts
  • Automatic fail-safe devices
  • Automatic fire detection and alarm systems
  • Automatic fire suppression systems
  • Division 7 Miscellaneous fire safety offences
  • Emergency Lifts
  • Emergency lighting
  • Emergency planning
  • Emergency warning and intercommunication systems
  • Exit Signs
  • Fire alarm monitoring
  • Fire control centres and rooms
  • Fire doors
  • Fire hose reel systems
  • Fire Hydrant systems
  • Fire seals protecting openings in fire-resisting components
  • Fire shutters
  • Fire windows
  • Lightweight construction
  • Perimeter vehicle access for emergency vehicles
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Safety curtains in proscenium openings
  • Smoke alarms and heat alarms
  • Smoke and heat vents
  • Smoke Dampers
  • Smoke detectors and heat detectors
  • Smoke doors
  • Solid core doors
  • Standby power systems
  • Wall-wetting sprinkler and drencher systems
  • Warning and operational signs.


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